Mountain Odyssey

You have packed your bags and you’re on the road driving to your next adventure. For a one-stop booking service for not only finding available accommodation, but also for all the activities in and around Clarens look no further then Mountain Odyssey who make arrangements directly for you.While you relax and not fuss about your itinerary so much as Mountain Odyssey has you covered, therefore it won’t be any trouble or searching for you. Mountain Odyssey is a booking office in the town of Clarens, for services of accommodation ranging from Self-catering or Bed and Breakfast, conferences and team building events. The Mountain Odyssey office is the ideal stop for people wanting to know about Clarens and is situated in the main street close to all businesses.


Some of their popular excursions include quad-biking through Golden Gate Highlands National Park. White-water rafting for three hours on the dam-fed Ash River where some rapids rate as high as class four and horse riding through the mountains where if you’re an experienced rider you can have a chance to gallop. The booking office has consultants who have travel experience and insider knowledge about the town and have a quality list of hand-picked accommodation. It’s a service that makes you look forward to your holiday break, as Mountain Odyssey make the booking arrangements of accommodation and activities easy providing a quick response, follow through and confirmation.

It saves you a lot of time especially if you’re just coming into town on short notice or are even a brand new traveller in the area. Mountain Odyssey will assist you in finding a comfortable place that’s nearby and also suggest great activities for you to do in the area. And it will all be handled with efficient service from updates on your queries and reservation.