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Tag: Maluti-Footprint-and-Tours

Maluti Footprints and Tours

Clarens is a key point along the scenic Highlands route, which includes the Golden Gate Highlands National Park – linking the towns of Harrismith, Bethlehem and Fouriesburg, all along the Lesotho Highlands, the Maluti’s and the Drakensberg.

If you’re looking for experiences and memories that you’d never had thought about or recommendations about the kingdom of Lesotho there’s Maluti Footprints and Tours. It’s a specialist travel and tourism firm which focuses on cultural tours into Lesotho or even just a relaxing getaway around the area.

It’s based in Clarens, Eastern Free State, Maluti Footprints and Tours offers tours to Lesotho, Katse Dam and Afriski. A steep drive up is worth it, as you get to enjoy lovely views and informative drives about the area. You may purchase lunch at the Katse Lodge before heading back down the mountains.

Maluti Footprints and Tours endeavors to give visitors a genuine experience of Lesotho when you come on their tour. And when planning a trip to Lesotho, Maluti Tours comes strongly recommended by tourists and visitors who’ve used their services.

The beautiful rugged Lesotho, have a driver/guide impart you with so much knowledge about the area and the people (geology, archeology, history, biology). All things that you wouldn’t know about if you had driven yourselves.

Let the guide also take you to see the lifestyle of the locals, taste a couple variations of the local brew where you can sit in a dark room with a village made beer it’s a great experience you won’t forget. As well as meeting a local village doctor/healer.

Visit Liphofung cave as part of the day trip, and enjoy a picnic lunch in brilliant sunshine with others there as part of your tour for a great day. You can take a personalised tour which is a tour itinerary arranged according to your preferences and known knowledge of the country or you can even opt for the pre-planned ready to go tours. With Maluti Footprints and Tours, you’re assisted to book the best bed and breakfast establishments that Lesotho has to offer.