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Tag: Clarens South Africa

Clarens — South Africa, Clarens Accomodation

Clarens — South Africa

There’s a small village called Clarens and it’s not to be confused with the one in Switzerland, but rather the one I’m referring to is Clarens, South AfricaClarens, South Africa was established in 1912 and named after the town of Clarens in Switzerland where exiled Paul Kruger spent his last days. Paul Kruger, hero of South African independence from Britain, died in the town of Clarens, Switzerland. And it’s for this reason that a village in South Africa was given the same name. (more…)

Clarens South Africa

Clarens South Africa

Welcome to Clarens South Africa, the ‘jewel’ of the Eastern Free State mainly due to the small town being the adventure capital and the art capital of the province and the most picturesque spot in South Africa (SA). Clarens is part of the scenic Highlands Route and is surrounded by mountainous splendor. The Rooiberge is the range encompassing the village, whilst further on towards the southeast, the mighty Maluti Mountains stands proud forming a backdrop which changes with the seasons, from shades of purple and blue in summer to the snow-clad slopes of winter. (more…)