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Tag: clarens-craft-beer-fest


The Clarens Craft Beer Fest

“Life just becomes a little better after a couple of beers.”

To accompany spectacular scenery in a town that makes life a little bit better already, the annual Clarens Craft Beer Festival takes place each February. Fitting for a small town with a mighty punch is an entire festival held to celebrate a beverage that does the same.

During the last decade, craft beer brewery has become more than just a hipster-past time, but rather evolved into an entire industry on its own – an industry that, rightfully so, deserves to be celebrated with annual festivals all over the country – including, of course, Clarens.

Each year, since 2011 and counting, the Clarens Craft Beer Festival draws to the town more than 20 of South Africa’s best craft beer breweries and more than 70 of the best craft beers and ciders South Africa has to offer, as well as more than 7200 thirsts waiting to get quenched. This equates to over 12400 litres of beer and cider being sold at the festival – ensuring that there is something to satisfy any and every beer palate that might be in attendance.

The fest that is usually held over two consecutive days and takes place at the Clarens Village Square, right in the heart of the town attracts top breweries in the country such as the like of Robsons, Old Potters, Route 96, Nottingham Road, Zwakala, and, obviously, Clarens Brewery.

To contribute to the festival’s home-brew atmosphere are some of the best local rock and music acts that the country has to offer, so the risk of getting bored is totally out of the question. Past festivals have seen the likes of bands and artists such as Rubber Duc, Rooibaardt, and Justin Serrao Band providing the entertainment while festivalgoers enjoy the many brews available.

Although dates for the 2021 edition of the fest is yet to be confirmed, due to the complications that Covid-19 has brought forth, it does seem like the event will still be taking place. Good news for Clarens, GREAT news for beer-lovers all around the country. The Clarens Craft Beer Festival usually takes place in late February, and tickets sell out quickly, so keep an eye on their Facebook page and plan accordingly.