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Tag: Camelroc-Clarens

Camelroc MTB Trails

A fun ride, stunning scenery, and a whole lot of challenges along the way make for an awesome Camelroc MTB experience.

It’s an MTB riding trail for MTB riders looking for a challenge.

There are two trails that are rated as an easy to technical level, one a figure of eight, the other a circular trail. Both trails are challenging but what makes these trails particularly attractive are the incredible views, that you literally climb to the top of a mountain for.

Therefore the trail comes highly recommended especially if you want awesome scenery. And want to take the road less traveled especially the part that takes you to the top of the mountain.

As the trail takes you past a pass that allows you to ride through trees, then alongside the Small Caledon River, up a mountain, followed by interesting plateau riding, and then the next minute you’re on a whole lot of long winding downhill’s.

This is included in the 30 km circular trail. A trail that’s aimed at highly conditioned riders as it’s considered a difficult to extreme route in its entirety with a tough climb to the mountaintop.

It’s the get-off and push variety. That despite it being 30 km will keep you going for a good three to five hours, depending on your fitness and strength levels. Although it does include two short-cuts that mean you can shorten the ride to a 10 km or 20 km trail.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting, you can opt for the other MTB riding trail. There’s a 10 km figure of eight lies in the lower regions of the farm. It’s not taxing and you’ll complete it in about an hour, ideal for beginners or those after a moderate ride.

The trails take place at Camelroc Guest Farm near Fouriesburg, Free State. Booking is essential and you pay an admission fee per rider if you’re not a guest on the farm.