De Ark Mountain Lodge

De Ark Mountain Lodge
De Ark Mountain Lodge

The majestic town of Clarens in the Free State is a prime tourist attraction attracting thousands of visitors from within and outside the country every year. Located in the foothills of the Maluti mountains in the Free State province of South Africa and nicknamed the jewel of the Free State, Clarens is endowed with a unique landscape and countless adventure and fun attractions. But there is also one venue that provides peace and comfort to all visitors, this place is the De Ark mountain lodge.

This accommodation establishment has over the years gained a reputation for being a place where thoughts are cleared, perspective is gained and the worth of relationships is kindled amidst the beauty of nature and the soul soothing mountains.

De Ark offers a range of accommodation options such as the 4×4 sleeper chalets with fireplace, 2×2 sleeper chalets with fireplace,1×2 sleeper room attached to manor house as well as 1×2 sleeper chalet with fireplace. All the rooms and chalets are equipped with duck down duvets, electric blankets, heater, blankets as well as coffee and tea making facilities.

You can also look forward to enjoying facilities such as a swimming pool, private lounge with views for guests, secure parking, walking trails, biking and horse riding trails operated from Bokpoort. De Ark is certainly  a top notch accommodation venue worth visiting whenever you are in Clarens.

058 256 1202
De Ark Mountain Lodge,
R712 Clarens District,
Free State,

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De Ark Mountain Lodge

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