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The town of Clarens in the Free State is a land of beauty.This town is blessed with a unique and outstanding landscape surrounded by mountains and scenic beauty not seen anywhere in the country.The tranquil village ambience combined with scenic views and a mild climate have made this town a popular getaway for many people.While the Clarens landscape is one to die for, Clarens enjoys a good reputation in the area of art and craft.

Clarens is an artists haven with many well known artists either living in or frequenting the village. It is for this reason that Clarens is popularly referred to as the Art Mecca. Boasting of approximately 20 galleries,visitors to the art mecca can enjoy the Art Route or simply stroll from gallery to gallery to enjoy the wide variety of artwork on offer. Some of the crafts you can look forward to enjoying include leather work, glass work, hand made knives and soft furnishings.

Artists will also be glad to learn that there are opportunities to learn because many of the galleries and artists offer courses. As an aspiring artist, you are offered a chance to explore a wide variety of media which stimulates inspiration.

Clarens is truly living up to being the Art Mecca in South Africa.

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Art is quite often a representation of reality represented through expression, communication of emotion and this involves imaginative or technical skill.Wine on the other hand is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits.The town of Clarens in the Free State has offers the two at one venue.

Art and Wine gallery is a venue that which offers art and wine lovers the best opportunity to experience the widest range of top quality wine and unique artwork by established artists at the best prices.

Covering a radius of 439 square meters with beautiful mountain views,visitors get a chance to see art works by well known artists like Gregoire Boonzaier, J.H, Pierneef, Piter van der Westuizen, Aviva Maree, Erik Laubscher and many others.There is also a wide variety of selected wines from the best Wine Estates.

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Art is a process which quite often develops in series to be enjoyed by a diverse community. Artefunto contemporary art galleries in the heart of Clarens is one such artistic location whose existence is formed around artistic series.The ideas that form the foundation for a series develop from personal experience into broader thoughts about the rich African culture and a healthy fusion with Eastern philosophy.

Situated within the Maluti Mountains near Golden Gate, this art gallery thrives around the idea of experimenting with various materials. As the original impetus changes or techniques evolve, new possibilities are uncovered.This approach to creation is a strategy that suits the owners lifestyle and personality while keeping the creative juices flowing.With this kind of approach, clients are always assured of something different and unique.

Clients at Artefunto have attested to the depth and detail of the artwork.Visiting Artefunto should certainly be part of the plan when you visit Clarens.

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The quite town of Clarens is endowed with so many attractions which draw thousands of people from across the country every year. One of the locations which features prominently on the list for many pilgrims is the Artists Cafe. Located in the Windmill centre on Clarens square, this sandstone built family restaurant provides superb country cuisine under a great atmosphere.

This daytime establishment offers cozy indoor seating with a fireplace to cater for cold winter temperatures or you can opt for cool comfortable outdoor seating which gives you  rare views of the mountains and activities taking place on Clarens square.

Artists Cafe boasts of the best breakfast, light meals, grills and sweet tooth.The breakfast menu caters for the Englishman, the French, the Early Birds and everyone in between. Light Meals include home made Quiche,Grilled line fish, Chicken Schnitzel and the famous Savory Pancakes.Grill meat is locally purchased, ripened and prepared to your liking.The Sweet Tooth is made of waffles and country sized pancakes which are baked fresh on offer.

Kids are not left out at this unique restaurant as there is a kiddies menu complimented by the shady playground with farmstyle, play on toys and a complete antique red tractor to climb on.You can certainly look forward to a healthy country style menu, mellow music, original art and fresh mountain air.

This venue also allows bookings for groups of 20 people and beyond and evening functions can be arranged with the ever friendly staff.

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Art enables human beings to find themselves and lose themselves at the same time.Great art must have the ability to stimulate,titillate and activate your different senses.This is what pretty much forms Essential Art Gallery in Clarens.

This Gallery was established with the vision of celebrating human nature in its glory by exploring the naked form and capture the essence of sensuality. It is for this reason that artworks such as framed oils, unframed acrylics, clay sculptures and charcoal sketches are sourced from around the country and exhibited.

Some of the crafts currently in stock include Driftwood Fairies,Triple Heart Collage and Cherish Heart Collage.

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Art has been part of the human culture for centuries now. Art is not only a social activity but a huge business sector providing gainful employment and income to millions of people. For a while now, the small town of Clarens has been known as the art mecca in South Africa. One establishment making a huge contribution is Johan Smith.

Established in 1999, Johan Smith is located right in the shadow of the Maluti mountains and houses a fine selection of paintings, ceramics, glass, bronze and other works of art. Some of the available art includes old masters paintings, paintings by contemporary artists, sculptures, hand made glass, functional art, ceramics, jewellery and books.The good news is that courier service is available for free deliveries once a month to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

You can also take advantage of the exhibitions which showcases art at its finest.

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It is a well known fact that artists draw huge inspiration from other artists. By following other artists, it becomes easier to overcome blocks as well as discover new sources for your own art inspiration ideas.This kind of foundation is where Tina De Beer Gallery is developed.

Tina De Beer Gallerys was established by Tina after drawing inspiration from Noel Brettell, a renowned and exceptionally talented teacher in Zimbabwe. Conveniently located in the art mecca town of Clarens,Tinas painting style lies between realism and impressionism as dictated by the subject. Some of the elements which inspire creativity in Tina include mood, light and the atmosphere with colour playing a crucial role.

This creative and respected artist believes that an artists can only successfully execute an art piece that he/she is connected to.This connection evokes passion and feelings which bring an artistic piece to life without raising any doubts about its quality.

Tina also takes pride in offering art classes during the Clarens art retreat.These classes are conducted on Tuesdays or by special arrangement for 1 to 4 days.You can also engage Tina to arrange your artitude team building exercises which require no art skill.These exercises combine a challenge with enjoyment which assists in building overall team spirit.

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