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Dining out at any of the restaurants in Clarens is a past time that’s a firm favourite amongst the town’s locals, who some already know where their favourite spot to eat is! And if you’re a foodie whose calling is finding small town culinary hot spots or a tourist travelling to the town, you’ll understand why.

Small towns are laid back than the much busier, larger main cities, offering the perfect opportunity to dine out, especially al fresco, an option of dining offered by some of the Clarens restaurants or at the quaint street cafes along the pavements. Watch the day go by with the small town activities and its people, along with being in the beautiful settings of nature, clean fresh air, abundant trees and breathtaking views of mountainous backdrops.

Expect to dine with the locals and the artsy type at Clarens restaurants whose menus have an array of dish selections that food worshippers will appreciate as the local restaurants conceptualise a recipe focused on freshness and the highest quality ingredients of hearty, home-made food.


Clarens restaurants worth noting are 278 On Main known for its first meal of the day, breakfast. Eat in a quaint, intimate and arty setting with a serving of the best breakfast. Tuck into a plate of French toast and lemon curd, variety of salads comprising of fresh farm produce, conventional sweet pancakes and the not so conventional savoury pancakes with your ingredient choices of either cheese sauce or spinach and cream.

There’s also Artist Café found at the Windmill centre where food is not the only draw card at this Clarens restaurant. Its great main street location set right on the Village Square makes it a nice place to stop and refresh before shopping or browsing in the town further. And it’s a restaurant catering to the family with a kiddies menu available and a little park for kids to play in. With a shady playground with slides, swing set, and even a complete antique red tractor for kids to climb on and be entertained with.

The Posthouse restaurant where you can order anything with bread especially soup and since Clarens is best-known for its trout fishing spots in South Africa. Some of the eateries in the area such as Caterpillar and Catfish Cookhouse boast locally caught trout to have as your meal. Enjoy a locally inspired dish of trout with hollandaise sauce and fresh fennel.