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The small town of Clarens is situated at the foothill of its attractive feature, the Maloti Mountain. It offers beautiful natural surroundings of many things, such as another of its famous mountains, the Rooiberge. Pristine dams, rivers and streams that are ideal for fly fishing and the best Trout fishing spots in South Africa (SA) and great grade 3 and 4 water rapids when white water river rafting in the Ash River.

While the town’s great, open space of land, a non-existent luxury in the bigger cities is a chance to be out in the fresh air, participating in the towns favourite sports of Horseback riding or playing Golf. Archery, going on a Hot air balloon ride, 4×4 Trails, Hiking, Abseiling, Mountain biking, Quad riding, the list is endless.


The autumn and spring seasons are a good time of the year to visit as the tree filled town of Clarens offers a wonderful display of colourful blossoms in spring time, with its mountains a green wonderland with the fresh light green willows. And in the autumn shades of the season’s colours oranges, red and rustic brown of the Lombardy poplars is an unforgettable sight showcasing why the town is known as the ‘jewel’ of the Free State.

Also the autumn season in March seems to be a colourful time for the town with art exhibitions, food stalls, flea markets, concerts and shows, which celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Clarens such as the towns Country Market, Surrender Hill marathon and Clarens Craft Beer Festival, an annual event dubbed as the best in SA.

The festivals also add to the already huge tourism appeal of the town as hordes of Durbanites, Capetonians, Joburgers or whichever part of the world you come from come out to enjoy the town’s festivities whether for a day’s road trip with their family or buddies or for a longer stay in one of the many guest farm accommodations in the town.

Although the town is over 100 year’s old as it was established in 1912 it’s heritage scene of one of its first inhabitants, Khoisan Hunter gatherers shown on the town’s rock art is estimated to be over 2000 years old. And the town’s Dinosaur tour also proves of prehistoric life in the town billions of years ago.