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Clarens is a small town in the Eastern Free State with a country-style farm vibe that’s on a bride and grooms radar for the perfect wedding venue. As Clarens wedding venues photograph well and that’s a good enough reason to consider Clarens when planning your wedding.

Especially since we tell our life’s greatest milestones by showing them in pictures and sharing them as status updates on social networking sites with friends or family abroad, and even still through the tried and trusted photo album. It will be your moment and special day captured beautifully on film.

Also having your wedding in Clarens, a haven for tourists and one of the Top 10 Towns in South Africa to visit, allows for a quick road trip for you as a couple and your wedding guests to escape the demands and hectic schedules of the hustle and bustle of the city life. And what’s even better for the wedding couple is that some of the Clarens wedding venues include great honeymoon accommodations, providing a great way to retreat together as a couple and enjoy a longer stay in the quiet countryside after your wedding.

Clarens wedding venues are truly a bride and grooms dream whether it’s an outdoor wedding out in the appeal of nature of this ‘jewel’ of a town known for its pristine clear rivers and famous backdrop views of the Maloti Mountains and Rooiberge, which are features that form part of some of the Clarens wedding venues in the town.Even the indoors Clarens wedding venues are just as magical and beautiful, with most of them built in sandstone, an architectural attraction that’s a geological feature inspired by the sandstone mountains in the area.

With the golden backdrop of some of its wedding venues complimented by the wonderful climate that the town is also popular for, as the sun illuminates on the buildings it adds to the colour of luxurious rich shades of brown and yellow to give a romantic appeal to the Clarens wedding venues. It’s a scenic view that adds to the setting of the picturesque town.

All this and more is packaged at a pretty penny of affordability, as some of the Clarens wedding venues are reasonably priced, such as Mooigelegen and Sir Henry’s guesthouse. Both venues also double up as honeymoon accommodations, who knew that budget friendly and wedding could work well in one sentence, well with a wedding venue in Clarens they do!