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Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

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The Clarens Golf Estate – the Prestigious Clarens Golf and Trout Estate

Clarens South Africa the over 100 year old town is known as a tourist magnet. As it’s a getaway destination for city dwellers that can easily hop in their car and escape the urban lifestyle for the farm life. To experience all that the town has to offer.

People visit the town for leisure and for the plenty of activities they can do and get up to within the town’s natural habitat. Its mountains, and streams and its pristine rivers, Clarens is best-known for its trout fishing spots in South Africa.

And when in Clarens you can try trout fishing in the still waters of streams or dams of the prestigious Clarens Golf and Trout Estate at the Clarens Golf Estate.

An Estate that also offers another of the firm favourite of Clarens activities, Golf, spend time leisurely enjoying the scenic views of nature as you tee off on the lush green lawns of the country style 18-hole golf course.

It meanders along and across the tranquil river and its splendid series of dams and cascading waterfalls makes enjoying nature while enjoying these activities to do at the Clarens Golf and Trout Estate easy.

For a bit of country charm the exclusive Clarens Golf Estate has you covered, as it offers these activities for an outdoorsy feel but still not sacrificing on your basic necessities. As the Clarens Golf Estate has several stylish and cosy self-catering two bedroom villas overlooking the valley and golf course are available for rent and equipped with everything you need for that mini break away.

Also found on the grounds of the golf estate is the Clarens Golf Clubhouse with its Free State farm style architecture. It makes enjoying watching a game of golf while surrounded by nature easy from its patios.

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Clarens

The small quaint town of Clarens, found on the Eastern part of the Free State, don’t be fooled by the country demeanor as there’s lots to do in the mountainous village. Just 8 kilometres from the small town’s hub of Clarens is Bokpoort Mountain Biking Trail. Keep yourself occupied with this ideal extreme sport that’s suitable for the adventurous kind.

As this 12-kilometer trail takes about three hours to complete and is rated as being an intermediate to difficult level. This means that it requires considerable strength and fitness and is not appropriate for beginners or children. (more…)

Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail in Clarens

Boesmanskrans farm has a trail that has something to offer the hiker that’s a bit different to others in the same area.

If you and your small group of buddies are looking for a hiking trail filled with scenic views, accommodation that’s comfortable, facilities that are well-maintained and equipped. Vegetation that’s lush and full of surprises then Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail provides that perfect setting. (more…)

Bergwoning 4×4 Trails Clarens South Africa

Surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Golden Gate National Park, lies the scenic 4×4 trails of Bergwoning, a mere 15 km from the Free State’s art Mecca, Clarens.

The one trail is a grade 3 trail that promises to be a memorable one for the whole family to share. It’s a 6km, self-drive, family oriented scenic trail that offers spectacular views that will take roughly 2 hours to complete. (more…)

Angel’s Wing Walking Trail Clarens

On this hike in Clarens you definitely have angels with you as there’s nothing difficult to that extreme about it. I would say it’s the hiking version of going glamping. It’s definitely not considered the most challenging hikes around town, but is definitely popular for its great weekend break away from the city. (more…)