Place the Free State province on top

The Free State should be on the top of your list of places to go and visit and I will offer you 10 main reasons why.

If you need some calm in your life, it is a little retreat from the city chaos. But tranquility is not all that it offers.
As the Free State has an amazing rollercoaster of activities that some you might even have on your bucket list!

afriski lesotho

Why not travel locally

Who needs the snow in Aspen when you can experience it right in your backyard, take a ‘sho’t left’for instance to the snowy slopes ski resort of Afriski in Lesotho.

And take the schlep out of preparing months of documents for visa application or spending a fortune on an air ticket, even if you opt to travel by air South Africa has a number of airlines flying through major cities and the price of a domestic flight is lower than that of international most often than not, all part of the reasons why it’s smart to travel locally.

Clarens – A ‘jewel’ in the ruff

Visit Clarens, which today is one of South Africa’s best tourist towns.

It’s a place to breathe in the clean air and take advantage of its rivers and scenic mountains.

And activities that best suite those who seek the thrill of adventure or the beauty of nature hence it is known as the ‘jewel’ of the Eastern Free State, which might also have something to do with the art influence in the area as well.

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World Aids Day

1 December 2015
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the biggest and most devastating global public health issues ever recorded by humanity. Todate, this pandemic has claimed more than 36 million people worldwide with about 2 million lives being lost each year. It is for this reason that the World Health Organisation (WHO) set 1st December aside to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. (more…)

public-holidays in south africa

Public holidays in South Africa – Advice for travellers

South Africa like any sovereign and progressive country has by law established national holidays. With a political and social history that stretches many years back, these holidays are based on events of significance to the country’s history.While these holidays are by law non working holidays, it is not surprising that most retail outlets, cinemas and restaurants open on these days in order to service the needs of the public.