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The Clarens Brewery

Set in the foot hill of the Maluti Mountains the Clarens Brewery adds the type of charisma to the town of Clarens that can only be obtained through the one-of-a-kind ambience that the brewery can provide.

The Clarens Brewery was established in 2006 and is one of South Africa’s first brew-pub, cidery and distilleries – long before it became a mainstream thing. The brewery has since been equally home to serving visitors and locals with a quick pint of finely crafted beer brew, or some of the best German food in the province.

Owned and managed by Stephan Meyer, a true beer enthusiast in every sense, recognised the opportunity in the late 90’s to utilise all the fruits of their apple and cherry orchards, and pure fruit ciders was were chosen as the better solution over jam. Thus, slowly but surely, the Clarens Brewery was born out of reclaimed vessels from the dairy and chemical industries.

The brewery has been growing steadily ever since and is now averaging in excess of 8000 liters litres of beers per month. The brewery’s standard range includes 8 ales which are complemented by various seasonal and festival specials, as well as a range of ciders that includes apple, cherry, and pineapple flavours.

Over and above these brews, they also distil whiskey and apple brandy as well as a variety of tasty liqueurs. Of course, the choice in beverages doesn’t stop there as Clarens Brewery has recently launched its own selection of premixed, flavoured gin.

The Clarens Brewery also offers free tasters and brewery tours and have a delicious lunch menu focusing on German German-style sausages, local organic cheeses, local breads, relishes, and pickles. A nice little bonus is that their cherry or apple juices are on the house for the little ones.

The brewery serves as the main catalyst for the extremely popular annual Clarens Craft Beer festival that has been going since 2011 and attracts over 7000 people every year, which is a must for anyone who calls themselves a beer-lover.

For the full selection of products available from the brewery, take a look at their website here:


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