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Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail in Clarens

Hiking Trails in Clarens

Boesmanskrans farm has a trail that has something to offer the hiker that’s a bit different to others in the same area.

If you and your small group of buddies are looking for a hiking trail filled with scenic views, accommodation that’s comfortable, facilities that are well-maintained and equipped. Vegetation that’s lush and full of surprises then Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail provides that perfect setting.

The Eastern Free State area around Fouriesburg and Clarens is the site of several hiking trails. Of the weekend day walk trails, Boesmanskrans is certainly one of the best. Once you already start walking on your hiking trail along the krans’. From start to finish you’re met with remarkable scenic beauty.

Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail is also considered to be amongst the developed trails with constructed tire ladders. The ladder is a cool feature that lays there like a snake on a rock. And considering that the climb is up a sheer vertical rock face, the ladder is rather essential and far easier to negotiate than a chain ladder.

The tires are anchored to one another, top and bottom and to chains on both sides. Hikers can use it to climb to the top of the rock to have control over their climb whilst ensuring their safety.

Then once at the top of the ladder hikers can calm their nerves with a spot of tea or coffee el fresco style outside while taking in the scenery before continuing the journey along the top. As you’re set right in the surrounding majestic Maluti Mountain in the distance, also once up there, if you look carefully, there are a series of rock paintings worth seeing.

Then eventually the trail will start its descent to lower levels and the views are quite stunning, still. And on your way down the trail underneath the krans, you’ll pass a series of lime deposits along the trail and natural small pools of water holes perfect for summer dips. Also keep your eyes peeled for a variety of antelope, baboons, dassie and birds that include wild goose pairs that breed in the area.

All of these surprises at every step of the way make this hiking trail not only an ideal one but a refreshing one where the views of the surrounding area are very beautiful and certainly worth the effort involved in hiking. And this trail is definitely one that should not be missed.