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Bergwoning 4×4 Trails Clarens South Africa


Surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Golden Gate National Park, lies the scenic 4×4 trails of Bergwoning, a mere 15 km from the Free State’s art Mecca, Clarens.

The one trail is a grade 3 trail that promises to be a memorable one for the whole family to share. It’s a 6km, self-drive, family oriented scenic trail that offers spectacular views that will take roughly 2 hours to complete.

While the other is a guided adventure trail of 26km, four to seven hours led by the owner of the establishment. Therefore novice drivers will find as much pleasure from the trails as experienced drivers.

The route is generally available year round, but the conditions during the changing seasons ensure the route presents different challenges in each season. From moss covered terrains to snow and winter conditions, steep ascents and river crossings.

During the summer months low range vehicles are necessary thanks to the full rivers and mossy boulders. And that there are tricky rocky sections that will ensure you’re concentrating through these sections.

You’ll follow the path of the river on this trail until you reach a rather flat spot at the top of a hill from here you’ll loop back on the same path. But don’t think you’ll get off lightly the return route will present its own exciting challenges.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Adventures and more are waiting for you at Bergwoning through its two types of 4×4 routes trails that entice both the amateur as well as experienced 4×4 driver.