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Brand New Things To Do in Clarens

Brand New Things To Do in Clarens

This year in Clarens over the Easter weekend look forward to something brand new, The Lush Festival, from 24 to 27 March 2016. The unique music and lifestyle festival offers a variety of all things to do in Clarens, such as activities available to Lush participants that will include an official trail run and fun run, and a three day Mountain biking tour event, as well as a music concert.There are always plenty of things to do in Clarens hence it’s such a popular weekend destination for residents of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Bloemfontein who frequent the village often for some tranquility and spectacular views. And the small town will offer the perfect backdrop for the Lush Festival.

As the specific location for the festival will be on Linwood Farm with three unique music stages for the concert, the first stage, which is nestled in the woods, will create a natural frame of acoustic sound by nature. The second stage will be a charmingly renovated barn offering picturesque views of the farm and the third stage will be laying upwards towards a distinctive sandstone cliffs that Clarens is so well known for, huddled between two beautiful old willow trees, beside the river.

And in keeping with the things to do in Clarens, the setting of the area will provide for a perfect long weekend getaway as at the festival there will be camping areas to enjoy the long weekend festivities. Available camping areas include, General Camping costing R395 as part of its early bird festival ticket, A Special Plus Camping Area at an additional cost of R600 and Glam Camping Session.

Confirmed local acts for the festival include The Parlotones, Jeremy Loops, Francois van Coke, Goodluck, Al Bairre, Grassy Spark, Rubber Duc, Pop Art Live, Austin Cassim. Chunda Munki, Vimo, Michael Lowman, Josie Field & Laurie Levine Majozi, Howie Combrink and Josh Wantie. And the headlining international acts from Australia Xavier Rudd and Civil Twilight.

For more on the festival and ticket information visit: