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Fishing in Clarens is Where It’s At


If one of your 2016 New Year resolutions was to go fishing or fish more often, then fishing in Clarens is where it’s at. As Clarens is a great area for fishing, as the small town and its surrounding areas are known to have some of the best fishing spots in South Africa. Fishing in Clarens would be like finding the fish that didn’t get away as you can find some quality sized fishes in the rivers, whether you’re trout or fly fishing.

Fishing is about the fresh air, the beauty of the outdoors, and the thrill of possibly catching a fish with your reel as you spend the day at the water’s edge. You can go hunt a trout in the Ash River situated 14km from the town of Clarens in the direction of Bethlehem. While most of the fishing in Clarens is in still waters, with the Caledon River accessible in places to stream fishers

The perfect day for fishing would be not having the scorching sun on your back, unless if you’re into fishing in the heat. Having ideal water levels is a must and also crystal clear water to be able to see your possible catch or catches of the day more clearly. And hopefully there might be some nice size fishes or even bigger ones to land. You can go out as far possible to find the perfect stretch of water or try some new waters.

Other places where one can go fishing in Clarens is at the Townlands Dam, where a permit is required to fish there, which you can obtain from The Clarens Golf and Trout Estate Clubhouse and Clarens Xtreme. There’s also the Clarens Village Nature Reserve Dam for a catch of a good-sized bass or carp in the dam and no permits are required to fish in this dam.

And for river and dam fishing for trout, and bass, yellow fish and carp there’s Clarens Fishing or you can also fish at the Clarens Conservancy Dam.