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The Clarens Manor


A Manor was the term distinguished between town and country back in the day and the Clarens Manor is such a fitting accommodation found in Clarens, a small town in the countryside of the Eastern Free State.  Live that moment in time of fancy large country houses with land when you book a stay in the Clarens Manor. And don’t forget your family or group of friends as with any typical Manor this accommodation in Clarens can accommodate up to ten people. And why not with five double bedrooms and five ensuite shower rooms, therefore come out and spend time in the countryside to allow the clean fresh air to take over and forget about the hustle and bustle that’s in the city. But if you’re not only all about the peace and quiet, do not fret as the house is less than 100km from the town of Clarens where everything from art galleries, interesting boutiques, gift shops and cute little restaurants are found to keep you interested as you explore every nook and cranny of this quaint village.

The Clarens Manor harmonises with the landscape of the area with the home a lovely green colour to go with the abundant trees in the area and typically with any Manor, there’s a large well-manicured garden on the property for you or your children to enjoy. As well as breathtaking un-interrupted mountain views looking into golden gate from the bedrooms will ensure that you feel one with nature.

And speaking of bedroom windows, the windows of the Clarens Manor are also a notable feature as with any Manor they are large. When you choose to stay at the accommodation expect huge windows and stylish handpicked furniture, including leather Chesterfield couches and many other interesting antique pieces as part of the Clarens Manor complete renovation.