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Camping in Clarens

Camping in Clarens

It’s just you and the outside elements of nature when camping, and it’s an activity that’s not geared for everyone. Here are just some of the tips, which might help you while on your Camping in Clarens trip. They are sourced from Matador Network article titled 30 crazy camping tricks that will make your life easier.

Keep the bugs at bay

By using sage which is a natural mosquito repellant you can even throw some on the fire.

Pack your cooler with you

Your cooler is the fridge you left at home while camping in Clarens as it’s where you can store all your perishables and if you pack it right the more space you conserve the more room there is for fun foods like beverages and hot dogs.

Pack your backpack well

Your backpack will be like your baby on a camping trip and especially if you are going to be moving around a lot with it, you are going to have to learn to pack efficiently. Pack from the bottom to the top, foam pad, sleeping bags, tent, cooking gear, food, clothes and with your map guides, camera and any essential items on top and the tent poles on the sides.

Keep your clothes warm

As you are outdoors with nothing covering you but maybe your tent and sleeping bag therefore already that brings in the cold, but especially if you are camping in Clarens in the winter time, we know how chilly winter in Clarens can be, keep your clothes warm by putting the next day’s clothes in your sleeping bag while you sleep.

Use Doritos as tinder

Did you know that delicious pack of Doritos crisps you are savoring while out camping in Clarens can also actually work pretty well as kindling if, say, it just rained and you’re having trouble getting a fire lit.

Get padded when sleeping

Since no one wants to sleep on a bed of rocks place padding between you and the ground, you can use a yoga mat.

Never lose your keys in the water

Rather attach then to a cork, especially if you’ll be boating.

Bring your foil for the cooking

Guess what you can cook anything in foil think stuffed potatoes with cheese, burgers, and sausages.