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Clarens Beerfest — Don’t Let The Thirst Get You

Clarens Beerfest

For a great way to embrace 2016 and start it on a light note, drink and be merry when the small town of Clarens hosts is annual Beerfest, February 26-27 at Lonehill Estate. The Clarens Beerfest is held to celebrate beer. The world’s most widely consumed drink and the oldest alcoholic beverage, but most specifically craft beer which is a flavoured beer made by breweries that are independently owned and produce a small amount of beer. Craft beer dates back to the 1970’s, although in South Africa (SA), it seems it can only be traced back to the turn of the century.Craft beer still sticks to the beer brands values, tradition, heritage, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, but emphasizing on the flavour in your beer from a hint of pineapple, or maybe a mix of nuts, a sweetening of honeysuckle, cherry or cinnamon. And in keeping with the essence of producing small amounts of craft beer each brewer has to brew a new beer specifically for the Clarens Beerfest.

At the event craft beer lovers are promised to be treated to a luxurious experience topped with Gourmet cuisine and live music from top performing SA bands. It will be two days of flowing alcohol on tap, and better yet glowing taps as Clarens Beerfest 2015 event saw the introduction of its new set up of taps that glow in the dark.

Come through meet and greet 22 of SA’s finest and distinguished micro craft breweries and celebrate beer in the wonderful countryside setting of Clarens. Bring your buddies or family as attending Clarens Beerfest is a great excuse for a road trip or to seek out accommodation options for the weekend to know what it is like to live on a farm.