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Clarens South Africa

Clarens South Africa

Welcome to Clarens South Africa, the ‘jewel’ of the Eastern Free State mainly due to the small town being the adventure capital and the art capital of the province and the most picturesque spot in South Africa (SA). Clarens is part of the scenic Highlands Route and is surrounded by mountainous splendor. The Rooiberge is the range encompassing the village, whilst further on towards the southeast, the mighty Maluti Mountains stands proud forming a backdrop which changes with the seasons, from shades of purple and blue in summer to the snow-clad slopes of winter.The town was founded in in 1912. As a result of two farms being sold Leliehook bought from Hermanus Steyn in 1910/11 and Piet De Villiers selling his farm Naauwpoort (situated near the Titanic rock) to a company at the time wanting to have a village in the area, the two farms were divided into even and sold for fifty pounds.

And after negotiations a decision was made to name the village after President Paul Kruger’s influence on the area. After he as a voluntarily exile lived his last days in the town of Clarens in Switzerland, following the Free State-Basotho War of 1865 – 1866.

Today Clarens South Africa the over 100 year old town is known as a tourist magnet. As it’s a getaway destination for city dwellers who can easily hop in their car and escape the urban lifestyle for the farm life by driving to Clarens, which is only 300 km (3 hours) from Johannesburg and Bloemfontein and 400 km’s (4 hours) travel from Durban to experience all that the town has to offer. Such as its pristine rivers ideal for fly fishing as Clarens South Africa has the best Trout fishing spots in SA and great grade three and four water rapids when White water river rafting in the Ash River.

Great, open space of land where you can be out in the fresh air, participating in the towns activities of Archery, going on a Hot air balloon ride, 4×4 Trails and Abseiling. And also partake in the towns favourite sports of playing Golf at the Golf and Trout Estate or choose to go mountain hiking on the town’s main attractions its mountains. Mountain biking or horse-back riding by following trails behind the majestic Maloti Mountains or quad bike riding with routes that follow the foothills of the Rooiberge.

Celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Clarens South Africa through the town’s colourful food stalls, flea markets, concerts and shows such as Clarens Country Market, Surrender Hill marathon and Clarens Craft Beer Festival, an annual event dubbed as the best in SA.

It’s art and leisure scene of quaint restaurants, gifts and antique shops, many art galleries and artist community that occupies the town. Not forgetting its history shown in the town’s sandstone buildings, rock art heritage scene of the first people to dwell in the town Khoisan Hunter gatherers. Dinosaur tours to prove of prehistoric life in the town billions of years ago and Anglo-Boer War Museum, Clarens Museum and Surrender Hill Battlefield Heritage Site.