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Clarens South Africa is what the Hamptons is to New York

Clarens South Africa is what the Hamptons is to New York

And before you think how I can compare the two, let me explain. Hamptons is amongst the richest small towns in America therefore I’m definitely not comparing Clarens and the Hamptons in that regard. Although Clarens has been known to come across as ‘pricey’ for some of the tourists who visit the town’s shops or restaurants as mentioned in their testimonials and reviews shown on leading travel Website Company, TripAdvisor.

But that aside, here’s 7 reasons that make Hamptons New York and Clarens South Africa similar.

Both places are secluded vacation destinations

People from the big cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town escape the city life for a stay in Clarens. Just as much as the affluent New York City dwellers escape the big apple for a more quiet time in the Hamptons.

Both places are a few hours’ away from their main cities

The Hamptons is two hours’ from New York while Clarens South Africa is only three hours’ drive from Johannesburg and Bloemfontein and four hours from Durban. Starting to see the similarities?

Both places are small towns found out in the countryside

Clarens South Africa is a small town, village and farm, and Hamptons New York consists of seaside communities marked not only by long stretches of beach, but also an interior of farmland, towns and villages.

Both places are rich in history that’s centuries old and have an extensive art community

The arts community in the Hamptons has deep roots extending back to the nineteenth century while Clarens South Africa is known for its artist community that occupies the town.

Both places are homes to quaint restaurants, bars, shops

Clarens South Africa known more for being the art capital is also home to plenty artists galleries as well as Hamptons New York, which is more high end and also has plenty boutiques.

Both places are also known for their holiday homes

With most of the homes and holiday homes in Clarens South Africa and Hamptons New York within walking distance of village centers.

And lastly both places offer similar activities of Golf, Horse Riding Fishing, Biking, Walking and art galleries to peruse.

What do you think of this comparison, do you agree or not agree?