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Why Hotel Booking Online

Why Hotel Booking Online

Since digital is the future in work and our personal spaces, most everything we do is online. Whether we are socialising on various social media networks that we’re signed on to, and of course no more long queues at the bank as there’s internet banking and people have long ditched the traditional route of hotel booking through travel agents.

I’m sure even travel agencies have been booking online. The only difference now is that people are cutting out the middle man (travel agencies) and are directly doing the booking through an online process.

And a number of factors point to this, for starters we all want to see extra cash or change in our wallet, and hotel booking online provides for that, as most instances you’re saving half the cost of a ticket, as you’re not paying towards any Travel agencies commission fees. Now that’s a draw card, and as South Africans travelling abroad the costs do make a huge difference.

It’s significantly easier to do cross company comparisons, whether for booking airlines, hotels or trains with just one click, and in the comfort of your own home.

You can book proper accommodation for yourself with a little bit of effort and research and also booking directly online with the hotel can assist with the best rates. Within an hour of searching, you’ll have a general idea of what it’s going to cost you to sleep where you want to sleep.

Another positive of hotel booking online is that a ‘traditional’ travel agency wouldn’t be able to help you at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon as weekends are not office hours.

Also that Travel agents are human too, which may mean that if you want to make a hotel booking after 8pm, you might not be able to get a hold of the listed travel agencies and even if you might leave countless voice messages you could still be waiting for a reply by the time you were done with your hotel booking online.

Hotel booking online saves time, energy and is convenient, and in today’s hectic schedules for both work and personal, a time saver is a commodity.



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