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Popular Clarens Self-catering Accommodation

Popular Clarens Self-catering Accommodation

Self-catering accommodation is described as any accommodation where guests take care of their own meals and other needs, such as laundry.

And it’s becoming the most popular kind of accommodation to stay in while on vacation. Mostly because it’s the economical choice especially if you have children to feed, as we all know all too well how expensive things are these days. And speaking of children a self-catering holiday accommodation is the most convenient option not only for the parents, but also for the kids who gain a sense of home routine whilst away on vacation.

You can still cook the meals they love and need, and also because you’re in your own space the rules aren’t as rigid then if you were staying in a hotel with other guests. Therefore it’s a win, win situation for everyone, which will ultimately make for a little more relaxed vacation.

The small town of Clarens also referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Eastern Free State has plenty self-catering accommodations whether you want something luxurious or really affordable. Here are just three of the popular self-catering accommodations in the area sourced from TripAdvisor’s Popular Clarens Accommodation list for 2015.

Clarens Retreat

The self-catering accommodation is situated ideally in the idyllic town of Clarens, which means that everything is within comfortable walking distance, especially the activity hub of Town Square. The Retreat offers stylish and comfortable accommodation of new beds, décor and replacement of all soft furnishings. And also consists of three self-catering units, Retreat 1 and 2 best suited for couples and Retreat 3 a spacious three bedroom unit which accommodates up to six guests.

By the Way Guest House

Is another self-catering accommodation found right in the lovely country village of Clarens, and offers two fabulous suites that have been exclusively designed to cater to guests every need. A large TV, DStv, full ensuite bathrooms, fireplace and luxury finishes throughout the accommodation, which looks cool and airy with a sort of beach vibe due to its colour scheme of blue. Attractions near the guesthouse include Clarens Village Conservancy, The Golden Gate National Park and the Basotho Cultural Village.







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