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South African Hotels There To ‘Accommodate’ You

South African Hotels There To ‘Accommodate’ You

South African hotels are there to accommodate guests in more ways than one. They provide a comfortable bed to sleep in and a roof over your head while on vacation, and also accommodate your needs by making your stay as comfortable as possible.

With staff that are helpful and friendly whatever your needs may be whether a last minute hotel room adjustment South African hotels provide a friendly hospitable service to accommodate your needs. Even holidaymakers travelling with their children South African hotels offer inter-leading rooms, triple bed arrangements, cots, babysitters, children’s rates and feeding chairs at meal times.

And it’s this helpful sentiment that South African hotels are known for as recently noted in a New York Times article titled ‘36 Hours in Cape Town’, all about the fun and exciting things to do in the Mother City in just 36 hours. And just the introduction of the article reads ‘“We’ll make a plan.” It’s a phrase you’ll hear often in South Africa, whether you show up at a restaurant with a reservation or are hoping to squeeze three people into a hotel room meant for two’.

And speaking of hotels in Cape Town one of South Africa’s Capital cities, the oldest city where parliament sits, known for its scenic beauty and coastal line. Three of the hotels in the area have been known to be on the ‘World’s Best Service’ list in the Africa and Middle East category in an international survey by the US edition of Travel and Leisure released in the magazine’s June 2013 issue.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa took top spot, while the Cape Grace and the One & Only took second and fourth respectively. And even today through platforms such as TripAdvisor a leading travel Website Company that provides reviews of travel-related content from travel tips and recommendations from other travellers. Helps others discover the hotels travelers love most, whatever the budget, in all corners of the world.

Through their Traveler’s Choice Awards, the travel Website Company strives to recognise and reward the best hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns in categories such as luxury, service and value-for-money. And South African hotels are right in there being compared to those around the world amongst the thousands of hotels in many countries that are reviewed based on the feedback of previous guests at the hotels.



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