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What is Travel Insurance Coverage

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With the greater prominence of cheap budget airlines and the growing culture of leaving the country every time there’s a long weekend. And also that the end of the year is nearing, which means the start of the summer holiday period where schools close down and so do companies as employees go on leave. There will be an influx of tourists whether coming into South Africa (SA) for a vacation or locals going on an overseas holiday.

Therefore it’s guaranteed that you or your child might get sick before your trip, have your luggage lost or have a medical emergency away from home. So as you making your flight bookings and accommodation reservations, also think ahead and purchase travel insurance in case something might go wrong on your travels.

And travel insurance just like with any other insurance you apply for, whether car or home, policies do not work the same and all terms are not defined the same way.You don’t later want to find out when you’re stuck in that emergency situation on your travels that the travel insurance policy you paid for doesn’t protect you.

Therefore it’s better to understand as a traveller when, where and exactly how your travel insurance is covering you.

Cancellation, curtailment cover are the most misunderstood two types of policies usually confused as one in the same thing, but they not. A Cancellation policy reimburses you if you have to cancel your trip before you leave, and knowing what and when you can cancel depends on your plan, and it’s often much more complicated than just changing your mind and deciding not to take a trip. Whereas Curtailment cover applies if circumstances dictate that you cut your vacation short.

So best you know as you don’t want to be spending money, for instance on a whole year’s worth of travel insurance on an Annual Plan policy for travellers who travel more than three times in a year whether for work or getaway. Meanwhile you hardly travel except for that one trip you once took, and in that instance a Single trip travel insurance would be better suited, as it’s for travellers who only travel once or twice a year.

Likewise with the medical coverage, it’s important to know whether evacuation or transportation is included in your plan, what medical expenses are covered and what exclusions there are.

Also remember when applying for insurance failure to disclose any relevant details could invalidate the policy. Whether you’re covering your gadgets in case of theft, lost luggage, or flight delays, whether you’re considered a low or high risk because of your health, age, location of your trip or activity when travelling. All mishaps that may incur and can be steep on your pockets.







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