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Places To Visit When Mountain Biking in Clarens

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Mountain biking in Clarens it’s just you, the clean, crisp countryside air, and your trusted two wheeler bicycle out in the open scenic landscape of breathtaking mountainous sandstone valleys with warm shades of red, yellow and purple hues.

That’s what mountain biking in Clarens is about a little paradise with trails to suit every level. You can go mountain biking as further as you like into the surrounding terrain rich mountain areas of Clarens, whether on a guided tour or your own trail and path to follow.

And you might come across a mountain stream or an opportunity for game viewing on some of the mountain biking trails. For the biking enthusiasts here’s a list of places you can visit for mountain biking trails in Clarens.

Bokpoort Mountain Bike Trail

A 12km trail that’s rated as intermediate to difficult level as it requires considerable strength and fitness and is not suitable for children or beginners. Some of the trails include rock pools and water falls through which it’s sometimes necessary to climb off the bicycle and push it rather than cycle.

The Rebellie Game Farm

Nestled in the mountainous landscape of the Maloti Mountain, 12km from Clarens has trails that offer a number of serious sandstone and rock obstacles, rapid descents and steep climbs, a difficult 30km ride not suitable for beginners or children, but they’ll be fine on the farm and gravel roads.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

The Golden Gate and its surrounds offer a selection of riding options, although the roads are tarred for most of the way, there are some good hill climbs and when you get up to Golden Gate you can always end up pedalling the park rather than driving it in a vehicle. Go Mountain biking in the park and cycle from Clarens then take the Blesbok and Oribi Loops makes for a total riding distance just shy of 50km.



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