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Tips On How to Make your Holidays Memories last

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Holidays are great and a much needed break sometimes from work, a chance to zone out and be either in your own space or spend time with family. And your photo album is not the only way to capture and remember your holidays here a 5 other tips to make your holidays memories last.

  1. Packing a personal possession of something you like such as a scented candle every time you arrive in a hotel room can help you ‘lay claim’ on the space. And when you get home from your trip, you can light it again, and the smell will stimulate memories from your time away.
  1. Playlist of songs that you can listen to when on a plane helps you to meditate and find your own space away from the aircraft noise. It can also actually make you look forward to an hours long bus ride, as time will fly by as you’re listening to your incredible music. Plus next time you hear the song it’ll take you back to your trip.
  1. Taking photos, as we tell our stories in pictures these days, especially with the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram prove that visual is king! Therefore snap lots of selfies which are made easier these days through the use of camera phones and even that much easier to share as status update posts on our social network accounts.
  1. Buying souvenirs that are representative of the country you’re visiting is an old and trusted method for you to remember your vacation.
  1. Bottle your holiday by using a simple glass bottle to put some sand and water from the sea of the beach you’re visiting on your holidays, also maybe some sea shells to bottle up and make it look pretty as a nice memorabilia of your trip; to keep as a decorative piece in your home.




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