Clarens Activities Are a Rollercoaster of Mild and Wild

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The small town of Clarens is known as the adventure capital and with such an array of activities to partake in when you visit the area, it is understandable why.

There are the leisurely Clarens activities of fly fishing, historic tours, game drives, star gazing and art viewing. While on the one hand there are Clarens activities of extreme sports that the town is known for such as white water rafting, horseback riding, quad bike treks, abseiling, mountain bike tracks, 4×4 routes and hiking, that prove Clarens is truly a haven for the adventure seeker.

Should you decide to go on a historic tour, the heritage scene of Khoisan Hunter gathers shown on the town’s rock art is estimated to be over 2000 years old. For some archeology you can go on a fossil safari and discover about people who lived during the Iron Age period or go on a dinosaur tour. And for the bloodshed history of the Anglo Boer and Basotho War visit the Anglo-Boer War Museum or Surrender Hill Heritage Battlefields site.

If you’re in the mood for a game drive, Golden Gate Highlands National Park offers tours, and bird watching. At the Parks Glen Reenen rest camp enjoy game viewing at leisure in your own vehicle. And within the Parks vicinity animals graze close enough at The Basotho Cultural Village, rest camp where game viewing is practically enjoyed without the trouble of having to embark on a game searching journey.

Then there’s art viewing in Clarens the art capital of South Africa (SA). Clarens is known to hosts more art exhibitions every month than the whole of Johannesburg throughout the year and especially during the autumn months.

For a taste of the extreme Clarens activities head out to Rebellie 4×4 Trail just 15km from Clarens is one of SA’s top 10 4×4 trails. The trail is 2200m above sea level in the Golden Gate Rooiberge close from the Lesotho border. And there’s also Old Mill Drift 4×4 Drive Mountain pass for off road enthusiasts, a trail that takes you past the Surrender Hills Battlefields Heritage site.






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