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6 Basic Travel Tips For Any Destination

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If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, consider these six simple, yet effective travel tips, which would apply no matter where you’re travelling to.

  1. Pack light

You won’t need half of the things you think you might have to take with you on your travels. It’s a skill that most travelers have learnt to perfect after getting it wrong initially. Should you discover you need anything; a travel tip would be to buy most things at your destination country.

  1. Carry extra cash on you

In case of an emergency should you lose your wallet or your card stops working or ATM’s run out of money. Travel tip to keep your money safe while travelling store it in your socks, under shoe inserts or a toiletry bag.

  1. Speak to the locals

It can be your cab driver as you can learn from those who live in the country you’re visiting, and they can offer you great advice on best places to see and restaurants to eat.

  1. Take lots of pictures

A picture tells a thousand words and you might as well capture your every moment on film. Photos are the memorabilia of your trip. Plus they’re easy to share, don’t cost anything or take up space in your luggage.

  1. Keep copies of your important documents

Keep both physical and digital copies of your passport, visa, driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance card and important contacts in case of an emergency.

  1. Keep in touch

Travelling around the world and meeting new people is great, but also communicate with your family and friends every now and then. Not only by posting selfies on your social media platforms of all your travels, but also through a postcard, phone call, email to alert your loved ones and make them aware always as to your whereabouts



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