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Travelling Tips When Going on a Trip To SA With Kids

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Your child is a big part of you, and as a parent you know that you’ll board a plane at least once or twice with your children. And traveling with a child allows them to become a world citizen at a very young age. Plus it has its own pros such as cheaper flight rates, depending on your child’s age. You also get to build special memories with your child while they’re still young.

Get your child exposed to different cultures and practices with a trip to South Africa (S.A.), here are some basic travelling tips for your trip to SA with your children.

When Packing

Due to being in the southern hemisphere SA seasons stand in opposition to those of Europe and North America and knowing what the weather will be when you travel to SA can help you pack appropriately for your child.

A travelling tip is to also pack your child something familiar from home, their favourite book, toy or their sleeping buddy. This should help calm them from any travel tantrums.

When booking a flight

Work with your child’s schedule. Travelling tip by considering the changes in time zones you can choose flights that are nearest to your child’s nap time. If you do this, then chances are your child will be fast asleep a few minutes after take-off and you won’t have a screaming child on the plane.

When making reservations for accommodation

Self-catering options should be considered as it’s affordable for a family holiday, and offers more freedom when you have children along with you. Your children also gain a sense of home and familiarity with meals that are prepared by you. Travelling tip when looking for accommodation choose one that’s within walking distance for sight-seeing, children’s activities and restaurants.

When planning your itinerary

Children friendly facilities are found throughout SA with family style restaurants that offer children’s menus and keep the little ones busy with colouring books and crayons as they wait for their meals. Movie theatres with the latest family films, theatre shows, wild animal theme parks, sport and adventure activities and theme parks such as Ratanga Junction and Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, Gold reef City in Johannesburg and a top tourist attraction, uShaka Marine in Durban.



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