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Travelling Tips for a Self-drive to the Free State

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The Free State with all its charm of quaint towns with an old world countryside appeal, incredible spaces, interesting sites and tourist attractions are something to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

And the best way to truly appreciate the beauty of this country is by car, when you can peruse all that you want when you want.

Here are six travelling tips on how to make the most of your self-drive trip to the Free State

1. Choose an appropriate type of car that’s roadworthy for the journey ahead. Idyllic as it looks in the movies to road trip in a vintage car. Reality is that won’t work for the vast stretches and some dirt roads that you’ll need to travel. Travelling tip: Whether you’re driving your own car or a rented one, have roadside assist in the event of car problems and the necessary car equipment for a flat tyre.

2. Don’t get stuck like a mouse trapped in a maze, getting lost and going back to that same old road you were just on 2 seconds ago. Travelling tip: A good GPS navigation system can help lead you into the right direction and if you travel old school with a map, use the most up to date.

3. If you can’t have a driving buddy with you. Travelling tip: A road trip might just be the time to listen to that cd you just bought so to be entertained, sane and awake whilst on the road.

4. If you want to stretch your legs, avoid stopping on deserted areas or neighbourhoods’ you’re not familiar with. Travelling tip: Use the many convenient pit stops along your route to grab a bite to eat, relax from driving or use the restrooms.

5. The Free State heat is scorching, and there’s also nothing worse than driving miles on an open road with a dead phone. Travelling tip: Always have bottled water with you at all times and a car battery to help recharge your phone should it ever go flat from all the pictures taken of your trip to post on social media platform.

6. Avoid the risk of an empty petrol tank by ensuring you have enough fuel to get you to the next filling station. Travelling Tip: Not all filling stations use ATM’s, be sure to have enough cash on you.


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