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Clarens Food is Plenty in The Town’s Eateries

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Clarens food can be summed up as good ol’ countryside, homemade, traditional food crammed with yesteryear’s recipes. When you think of snack platters with red meat that is locally purchased, ripened and prepared to your liking, Roosterkoeke with different fillings and salads compromising of fresh farm produce.

You can find them all in the quaint street cafes along the pavements, holiday farms and restaurants of the small town of Clarens. A place to kick up your feet and enjoy the type of dishes that you grew up on, whether it is a plate of boerewors, pap and tomato gravy or a freshly baked cake made from scratch with a traditional recipe that has been passed down for generations.

Oh and when was the last time you enjoyed a drink, such as a cool glass of homemade lemonade? See what I mean.

Clarens is best-known for its trout fishing spots in South Africa and trout fishing is one of the many activities that you can do in this small town. Some of the eateries in the area boast locally caught trout to have as your meal.

At Caterpillar and Catfish Cookhouse you can enjoy a locally inspired dish of trout with hollandaise sauce and fresh fennel. While at The Posthouse restaurant savour a plate of trout with chips, sliced lemons, dip and green salad that contains fresh sliced tomatoes with onion rings.

It is dining that gives a whole new meaning to seafood that is fresh from the ocean, and in this instance, fresh from the still waters of streams or dams of Clarens.

Clarens food also served in most of the town’s eateries is bread, this type of food some restaurants are experts in producing it fresh and not soggy. And it is a basic staple that is not to be missed at The Posthouse restaurant where you can order anything with bread especially your soup.

If ever you are in the area, all in all, Clarens food caters to all tastes and pockets and designed to remind you of your heritage.


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