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Clarens Fishing At its Best

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Have you ever tried your hand at fishing? Well if not the small town of Clarens nestled in the foothills of the Maloti Mountains would be the ideal place to get started and get your feet wet, so to speak.

You can take a drive to Clarens, which is only 300km from Johannesburg and experience Clarens  in this beautiful town, whether it’s fly fishing or trout fishing. Most of the fishing is in still waters, with the Caledon River accessible in places to stream fishers.

While Winter in the Eastern Free State regularly produce night time temperatures well below freezing, which causes many small streams and cascades to freeze during the winter months releasing notable quantities of clear sparkling water during the spring thaws, and making it ideal for trout fishing.

Clarens has been acclaimed as one of the top trout fishing spots in South Africa. And there’s a well-stocked dam situated next to the Clarens Golf Estate for those interested in trout fishing or at Sediba Lodge, Sediba is a Sotho word for ‘source of the spring’.

And if you want to land the big fish while doing your Clarens fishing then the Ash River is a must do for fly fishing. It’s situated 14km from the town of Clarens in the direction of Bethlehem and has fast and fierce flowing water, which can also be dangerous at times due to a couple of spots where the river bank has eroded and walking there could mean you can easily fall in the river.

But I suppose if you’re looking for a challenge in your Clarens fishing activity this would be it. And unless you know the river really well it’s advisable you seek a guide who can brief you on possible areas to concentrate on to find fish and those dangerous areas to avoid.

So cast your fly rod with the necessary bait that is familiar to the feeding habits of your quarry, while you stand in the bit of cold water swirling about your legs, as you wait for that catch of the day.


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