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A Fitting Country Clarens Accommodation

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The Gnome cottage is a Clarens accommodation that’s the epitome of what a stay out in the country on a farm is about. Just from looking at the unusual architectural structure of the cottage, which also has a whimsical feel, you are really reminded and placed in a bygone era of the country life. And that’s absolutely suitable when you’re visiting the small town of Clarens.

The cottage is quaint and is a self-catering Clarens accommodation set out in an enclosed garden, and it’s only a walk away from the galleries, interesting shops and restaurants found in Clarens.

It’s a pet friendly venue to stay in, that has a bathroom with bath, a very cosy yet cool bedroom, and a kitchen that’s equipped with toaster, kettle, microwave, two plate stove and a place to sit and eat your meal. It’s truly your own little hideout and the perfect spot for some peace and quiet.

Lovely green trees keep the cottage well hidden, but not making it too shady either and allowing enough sun onto the secluded property, which the sun peaks through the windows during daylight.

This Clarens accommodation has a calming effect added on by the neutral tones of the cottage itself. On the outside, the building is painted in white, with the roof painted in a not so loud red, but more of a colour which almost looks maroon or brown.

While the inside is kept cool in white with hints of different browns from the furniture found in the home. Whether it’s the cottages curtains and blinds, wooden chairs, tables or rocking chair, the woven brown basket in the bathroom sprinkled with potpourri or those baskets adorning the walls of the bedroom as decorative pieces.

It all adds to the simplicity of the cottage, that’s central and in the heart of Clarens. And it’s a gnome away from home.

Fun Facts

Gnomes are legendary dwarfish creatures that are supposed to guard the earth’s treasures underground. They’re also made as a small garden ornament in the form of a bearded man with a pointed hat.


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