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A Free State Cheetah Experience not to be missed

Free State Experience

A great way to not only see animals but also be able to get up close and personal with them is by visiting The Cheetah Experience, a non-profit organisation sanctuary for Africa’s big and small cat species that is definitely one with a difference.

Whereas unlike in a zoo or a game drive where you are offered a guided tour to see animals from a distance. The Free State Cheetah Experience offers an opportunity to interact and be in the same space as these wild animals of the cat family of cheetahs, lions and leopards, amongst other animals, such as some antelopes.

Come out to see the Canadian Timber wolves or the family of Meerkats at the facility, or the special residents of two white lions and a black leopard or pet a Rooikat (African Caracals) or a Serval, or play with the cubs.

The nature reserve is also kid friendly, where you get to learn about the wild cats and their habits. You can go on an educational game walk with one of the tour guides who are knowledgeable when it comes to any questions about these animals.

Based in Bloemfontein this Free State Cheetah Experience has grown into a successful cheetah breeding operation with a mission to promote and fund the conservation of the cheetah and other endangered species, through captive breeding, behavioural research and public awareness.

Free State Cheetah Experience is supported by tourism, donations, and private funding initiatives of animal adoptions. It also runs a volunteer programme for those interested to work at the facility with wild animals while also interacting with people from all works of life through the guided tours that some of the volunteers are assigned to offer.

The facility also has a curio shop, where guest are signed in for tours, and there is also drinks, sweets and souvenirs that are sold there at the shop, which is manned by volunteers during tour times.

At Cheetah Experience the lions roar, the wolves howl and the caracals and servals chirp and meow, while the leopards grunt.


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