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When you travel solo here’s 10 mistakes you should consider avoiding

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Travelling on your own can be rewarding, even a trip a few hours’ drive away to another province such as the Free State. But it can also magnify your fear of the unknown, as you’re in a different destination to what you’re used to, which if not careful can also pose some danger.

To prevent the unnecessary risks here are 10 things to consider when travelling alone.

1. Avoid isolating situations

Rather stick to places where there are a lot of people to avoid leaving yourself more vulnerable to criminals.

2. Don’t travel alone at night if possible

The leisurely walk from a restaurant to your nearest hotel or a drive to another province such as the Free State can leave you vulnerable to a lot of threats at night.

3. Don’t travel to a place on your own without having researched

Ask your hotel staff for advice on what places and actions to avoid so to be aware of the dangers in advance within that area.

4. Failing to plan ahead for a long road trip

If for instance you’re contemplating a few hours self-drive journey to the Free State, don’t allow yourself to run out of petrol by waiting till your tank is empty. Make sure that there are enough filling stations to keep you going.

5. Avoid having your expensive gadgets on show

While taking selfies or pictures of things and places you visit, don’t walk around flashing your giant camera or phone.

6. Don’t go hiking or jogging alone, safety is in numbers

If you don’t have anyone to go with join the local clubs in the area.

7. Avoid casually leaving your valuables lying around or your doors and windows open

Where ever you are as you could be tempting fate.

8. Don’t look too much like a tourist

By looking at your guide book or map in the open. If you need to carry money on you wear your money pouches hidden well under your clothing.

9. Know where you’re going to stay and how you intend to get there

Safety begins before you depart as loitering tourists have been victims of crime near travel facilities.

10. Telling people where you are staying

As much as you want to know the locals but beware not to say too much or that you’re travelling solo.


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