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Clarens art viewing is the soul of the town

Clarens art viewing

Calling all creative people to come and gain your inspiration from the beautiful surrounds that is the town of Clarens also known as the ‘jewel’ of the Eastern Free State.

And a jewel it is for artists who come and hideout in the picturesque town. Many well-known artists live in or frequent the village, and with many art galleries scattered around the village square and the town. It’s an ideal way for you to make a day of it and do some Clarens art viewing.

Since art is a major thing that the town is known for, so why would you miss an opportunity to experience the art in the area when visiting. Clarens art viewing is of the lesser extreme activities on offer in the town.

Extremely blessed in natural beauty, Clarens has been a constant muse for its established artist community from its abundant trees, to its scenic highland route surrounded by the Rooiberge and the Majestic Maloti Mountain which borders Lesotho.

Everywhere you look you’ll see sandstone cliffs, with multi-coloured layers, a unique geological feature of the area, known as Clarens formations. Beauty all around, which makes it an artist’s dream to capture on canvass or a photographer’s on film.

A notable gallery to do your Clarens art viewing is The Art and Wine Gallery which was specifically designed in the Main Street of Clarens. It’s one of the country’s most exciting art galleries as it’s the first Wine and Art Gallery in the country and it’s the best of both worlds, with the best wine the Cape has to offer and housing a collection of unique artwork by established artists at the best price.

If art buying is your thing you may do so as a way to appreciate the talents of the artists’ work on display. And many arts and crafts shops also adorn the village, offering visitors a wide selection of original artwork and curios.

Come take a leisurely walk around President Square and up Main Street and browse through the wide variety of curios available. And who knows, as you make your way through the many art shops, you may just find a ‘jewel’ of your own to purchase and take home with you.


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