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10 tips to know when traveling to South Africa

Reasons to travel South Africa

South Africa (S.A.) is truly a rainbow nation that is steeped in diversity and a rich political history, and is most probably the only destination that allows you a bush dinner with giraffes as guests!

Intrigued? Well if you’re planning to travel to S.A here are 10 important tips you should know.

  1. Pack your sunglasses, hats and sunscreens as S.A is the sunshine country, with warm weather that lasts for most of the year.
  2. S.A is a chance to experience African culture first hand as there are 11 different languages most of them indigenous to the country. As a tourist you’ll be able to get by with English, other commonly spoken languages by a majority of the population is isiZulu, Southern Sotho, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans.
  3. As with any other place you travel to it‘s important to understand the nuances of the lifestyles, what actions to do and avoid as a chance to familiarise yourself with the people who are, with a few exceptions, remarkably warm and welcoming.
  4. S.A is an inexpensive holiday destination as it has a favourable exchange rate for many international currencies. Your dollar, euro, pound or yen will stretch far when converted into rands.
  5. Internet use can be limitless in S.A with most hotels providing in room Wifi with certain data allowances, as well as in most restaurants, cafes and small towns such as Clarens.
  6. Have the most up-to-date maps and information.
  7. There’s an array of things to enjoy, golden beaches, wildlife, spectacular scenery ranging from mountains to desserts, eco-systems found nowhere else in the world; and small towns such as Clarens travel to experience adventure and the culture of living on a farm.
  8. While South Africa’s big cities Johannesburg with skyscrapers, sprawl wider than London and New York. Capital cities, Cape Town, the oldest city where parliament sits, known for its scenic beauty and coastal line. Pretoria, a city known for its abundance of Jacaranda trees and government administration; while the second biggest city is Durban, a beach paradise and port on the eastern coast.
  9. Visit S.A’s many small towns, such as Clarens travel there for a weekend retreat from the city chaos.
  10. Yes there’s crime, like anywhere else. But using common sense, researching on the places you’re visiting and being alert at all times, South Africa can be as safe as you make it.


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