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Why you should travel insured


‘It is said that if you can’t afford travel insurance then you can’t afford to travel’. But insurance is a tricky issue that’s more complicated than that as it also comes down to personal preference.

As someone could state that they’ve travelled for 40 years extensively and never had such. And although that might be true, it won’t always be true in some cases.

Insurance is defined as providing protection against a possible eventuality, and when it comes to travelling, as with everywhere life happens.

Therefore travelers purchase insurance to cover gadgets in case of theft, lost luggage, flight accidents and trip cancellations all mishaps that may incur and can be steep on their pockets.

In extreme cases if you were in an accident that left you hospitalised for months in a foreign country you could be facing a medical bill of hundreds of thousands in pounds or dollars or yen. Travel insurance would cut down on such expensive risks and keep you from going broke if something actually does go wrong while you’re traveling and being a free spirit out there in the big world.

But travel insurance much like any other insurance will also depend on how great is the risk that you’re insuring upon. Some people are considered a high risk whether because of their health, age location of their trip or activity when travelling.

For instance you can skip out on the travel insurance for the lowest risk trips, where you know that with the location chances of anything happening are slim but if you plan on your trip to go zip lining in some jungle then obviously the risks would be high and insurance would be advisable.


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