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Andre Swiegers at Artists Cafe

Andre Swiegers, Artists Cafe, Mona Lizas Garment Gallery

4 July 2015
South Africa like any member of the global community is not immuned from being burdened and challenged by the worlds social problems. One of the social problems in question is the issue of orphans.There are an estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa. It is good to note however that there are communities who are doing the best they can to care for orphaned and vulnerable.The Bethlehem community in the Free State perfectly fits on the list.The caring and warm nature of this community is best demonstrated through the Charlotte Theron Orphanage.

Charlotte Theron Orphanage has been a safe sanctuary for orphaned and vulnerable children.With many years of existence, this orphanage accommodates up to 120 orphans and children whose parents can no longer take care of them.These children range from tiny babies to 16 year olds cutting across all races.

In order to lend a helping hand and support this noble house, Artists Cafe and Mona Liza’s Garment Gallery are hosting Andre Swiegers on the 4th of July 2015.This occasion provides well wishers with an opportunity to donate money or necessities such as bread, toiletries, toilet paper, etc. It is worth noting that the farming community around Bethlehem has already donated meat, potatoes and maize towards this charitable event.

Individuals, couples and families can look forward to this day which is not just about great music and fun but also making a contribution towards such a noble cause. For those who would like to make a cash contribution, the banking details are C Theron Kinderhuis, ABSA account 07702301101 and branch code being 632005.

For further information regarding this event, you can call Margaret on 0583073708.Tickets can also be obtained at the Artists Cafe in Main Street and getting in touch with Karen and Phoebe. It is expected that about R5,000 from the proceeds will go towards Charlotte Theron Orphanage.




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