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Cherry Mountain Bike Race

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November 2015
Bikes have for many years been used largely as transportation tools in many communities. The constant development of humanity has however seen these tools being used in the arena of sports. South Africa’s unique landscape especially in the countryside provide the perfect setting for bike events. One of the bike events worth highlighting is the Cherry Mountain Bike Race.

This event is organised by Red Cherry Adventures which is a Port Elizabeth based events and adventure company.This race has over the last  years attracted bikers from all over South Africa and is now rated as one of the biggest local cycling events of the year.

Leveraging on Ficksburgs weather conditions, temperatures during the race fluctuate between 20 and 24 degrees.While the route and terrain is said to be very tough, participants are rewarded with breath taking views of the majestic Mountains that define the regions landscape.

This race which kicks off at Meulspruit Dam offers riders a choice of four races to choose from.These races are 8kms, 20kms, 40kms and 60kms. There are also minimum entry fees. Over and above the bike race, participants and fans can look forward to enjoying outstanding landscape of beautiful grassland foothills, farmlands and Sandstones Mountains. It is an opportunity to get active or just relax and enjoy a drink in the spell binding views.

Accommodation should be the least of your worries as there are options to consider around the area.There is the 3 star Ficksburg Country Cottage which offers outstanding hospitality and personal service. Shumba Valley which is about 40km from Ficksburg offers stunning views of mountains and valleys. Celedon Mountain Lodge is also a good alternative you can consider. Calendon is a cozy and tranquil retreat which is located less than an hours drive from Ficksburg. All these establishments are capable of catering for your particular needs.

If you have never ventured to this part of the country, then the Cherry Mountain Bike Race provides the perfect opportunity.


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