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Golden Gate 3 Day Trail Run

Golden Gate 3 Day Trail Run, Event, Clarens

22-25 October 2015
Golden Gate Highlands National Park is located in the Free State province near the Lesotho border.Its surrounded by breathtaking scenery of wildlife and covers an area of 340kms.This park offers a number of camps such as the Basotho Cultural Village Rest Camp, Golden Gate Hotel, Glen Reened Rest Camp and Highlands Mountain Retreat.There is however one event around this park which has gained popularity over the years.This is the Golden Gate 3 Day Trail Run.

The Golden Gate 3 Day Trail Run is staged in a single base camp within the park.While the distance of the run which is 70km in 3 days is considered average, it is characterised by mountains and altitude. Day one of the run sees runners embark on the Ribbock Hiking Trail which has waterfalls, rock pools, Eland and Rhebok. On the second day, runners are transported by bus to the Little Serengeti. Little Serengeti has a single track with a long downhill descent. Heards of Zebra await you as you run along. Day three which is the final day covers 2438 meters early in the morning.

Those who finish the race are awarded with a medal which you can treasure.There will also be daily lucky draw prizes, massages and 24 hour snack bar. Families are also welcome and non participating members can look forward to enjoying daily guided walks.

This is an event you cant afford to miss.


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