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Coen Pretorius Art Workshop

Coen Pretorius Art Workshop, Clarens, Events in Clarens,

Art like any other craft requires that one takes interest in constantly learning in order to explore and contribute to the development of new practices and generally cultivate creativity. Artists in the town of Clarens have been taking advantage of every available opportunity to learn. One of these learning opportunities is the Coen Pretorius Art Workshop.

Coen Pretorius Art Workshop is designed for beginners and advanced students. Its tailored to assist artists learn the necessary skills to become proficient artists.These skills include perspective, composition, tone, colour, etc.With the workshop location set in a restful garden with beautiful views of the mountains, attendees will be able to learn how to make own boards for oils and acrylics, painting medium, etc. Art material will also be made available at affordable prices.

Coen Pretorius can be contacted on 0582561067 or 0836308297


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