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Travel Insurance Buying Tips in South Africa

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Getting travel insurance is a necessity and you can’t afford to go without. This process can become quite tricky. Here are a few Travel Insurance Buying Tips in South Africa to help you through this process:

Make sure that you have enough cover:
Having travel insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected. You could become ill overseas, which could end up costing you more. Consider Cancellation Cover in case you need to cancel your vacation due to illness or injury. Make sure you have enough cover for medical needs. Get your vaccinations and remember that most travel insurance underwriters won’t provide cover unless you are appropriately vaccinated.
Buy your insurance policy as soon as you’ve paid for your trip:

If you have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected injury or illness or another covered event, you can claim back for non-refundable expenses paid for your trip. Buy your travel insurance as soon as all your trip payments have been made.

Shop around:
Shop around to find a policy that suits your individual requirements. Some financial institutions provide travel insurance as part of their credit card service, so if you’re considering getting a credit card ask as many questions as possible about travel insurance options. Some banks also offer travel insurance products for clients, so ask your bank about rewards programmes and explore what may be ideal for your particular needs.

Make sure you know what you’re covered for:
You could get flight and bag insurance with some policies. Others may cover you for cancellations, curtailment, travel delays or lost property. Certain travel insurance products have an age limit, so if you’re a senior citizen for example, you may be excluded from some travel insurance products. Before leaving for your trip, make sure you know what you’re covered for. In terms of finance, some travel insurance policies may not cover lost cash or personal belongings. Read your policy thoroughly and make the necessary adjustments before you leave for your vacation.


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