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Education and marketing program – Clarens Tourism Forum

Clarens Tourism Forum

It is very difficult to separate Clarens from the tourism sector.Tourism forms part of the social and economic landscape of this town in the Free State. It is therefore not surprising that there is a Clarens Tourism Forum (CTF). CTF was established around the year 2011 with a vision of marketing Clarens village through every possible avenue. These avenues include Facebook, twitter, websites, etc.

It is also worth noting that apart from these mentioned avenues, there are a number of exciting developments worth mentioning.These developments include a strong association with CVC, CRA, GCCC and SPF. CTF is also finalising its marketing strategy.

In order to enhance the capability around the usage of twitter, Mr Rich Simmonds has been invited to conduct a refresher plus start up training workshop. Residents and visitors would assist a great deal by simply re-tweeting messages around this event. CTF is also working towards updating and refreshing information on the website for current members. Members would do well to send regular updates of the current and relevant information.

Clarens Tourism Forum had an education and marketing program in 2012. The good news is that this program will be relaunched around September or October.This program is designed to instill some level of product knowledge in the media, hospitality as well as travel and tour operators.This relaunched marketing program will also have a jam packed itinerary showcasing the best of Clarens. It is CTF’s hope that this years initiative will surpass the previous one which had in excess of R100,000 in combined value through high end magazine exposure.

One other event to look forward to is Clarens participation at the Getaway show in August. It is hoped that the presence of Clarens at the N3Gateways award winning exhibition stand will create immense opportunities especially in the area of database building and profiling Clarens as a viable and worthy tourist destination.

For those who are interested in the fields of cleaning, marshaling, waitering, guiding, recycling, etc, CTF has designed a crew training program meant to equip you with the necessary skills. Once you are fully trained, you will be hired every now and then for functions and events happening in and around Clarens.To be part of this, you simply fill in a questionnaire.

For events update information regarding Clarens Tourism Forum (CTF), you can simply contact Tammy on 0828249365 or 0582561086.


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