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Tips for planning a vacation on a budget

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Identify where you want to go on holiday:
Start off your planning by identifying where you want to go on holiday. Most dream vacations require saving money for at least six months to a year. So have a solid plan for where you want to see yourself.

Work out the costs:
Break down the trip’s total cost. Be specific and detailed during your planning. Work out each item, such as transport, food, accommodation etc. It’s important to be realistic about your current financial position, such as a credit card bill you have outstanding. This will help you plan efficiently and be realistic about how much you might need to save.
Save, save and save some more!
Do you research of the costs ahead of the time and start saving as soon as possible. Consider making changes to your budget to save more. You could even change banks if you must, to save on bank charges. If it’s a family trip, get the whole family involved when you’re saving.

Apply for a rewards credit card:
Getting a credit card with travel rewards could help you cover some of the costs of your dream vacation. Others will save you more flights, other on car hire or accommodation etc. You can save more sometimes by using a credit card and using a credit card may be safer instead of carrying cash all the time.

Consider other methods of travel besides flying:
If you’ll be travelling locally it may be worthwhile to consider using a train or even driving. While it may take longer, you could end up getting a great road trip experience. Make sure that you compare costs thoroughly.


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