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Tips for maximising on travel rewards

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Using travel rewards is a great way of making the most of your travel experience. Rewards can be useful for paying for part of the costs that are involved in travel expenses. It’s even better if you know some tricks on how to maximise on the travel rewards you have earned.

Use your rewards:
It’s advisable to use your rewards because reward programs change or can be cancelled completely. Find a way to use miles like on seat upgrades on long flights. Other institutions offer online platforms for shopping with your rewards.

Check the expiration dates:
Some programs have miles that never expire, but most only give you a certain amount of time to use them before they expire. Keep up-to-date with how long your points are valid for so you don’t lose out.

Pay taxes and fees yourself:
If your program allows you to use your points to pay the fees, try by all means to avoid it. Rather do it yourself, and use your travel rewards for actual travel.

Maximise your rewards by shopping:
Many airlines have online shopping portals where you can earn miles or points for your regular shopping. Also try to keep your miles active.

Beware of hidden costs:
Transferring points to someone else will come at a cost to you. It may be easier to buy a flight for someone using your account if your point program allows for this. This way you save and can use your travel rewards for your travel needs.

Check each loyalty program to see if they have merchant partners:
Some airlines offer bonus miles if you make purchases from specific retailers. Merchant partners may offer you the chance to earn even more miles.


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