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eBucks Travel Discounts

eBucks Travel Discounts, Travel rewards programme, FNB Travel, Kulula

eBucks Travel Discounts are another way that First National Bank is aiming to create value for its clients. The eBucks Rewards programme is FNB and RMB Private Bank’s rewards programme. You can earn eBucks whenever you use your qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account. When you use your bank card at an eBucks partner, you earn more eBucks from the partner as well.

eBucks Travel Discounts offers great discounts on Kulula and selected Emirates flights if you are a qualifying eBucks Discounts member. Depending on your eBucks discount reward level, you could potentially get up to 40% off your ticket prices. You can get between 5% and 40% off your base prices from Avis, Kulula and Emirates.

What is required to qualify?

  • Have a qualifying FNB Cheque account, credit card or One account, or RMB Private Bank Cheque or Credit Card Account that is active and in good standing.
  • You must earn an average of eB300 or more per month over a rolling 12-month period.
  • You must book all tickets with eBucks travel online. You must pay from your personal eBucks account.
  • You need to have reached eBucks Discounts Reward Level 1. To check this level, login to or eBucks Travel Online with your South African I.D or eBucks card number and 4-digit eBucks PIN.
  • Fly with Kulula for domestic flights and Emirates for international flights.
  • Only adult tickets (aged 12 years and over) qualify for the eBucks discount.
  • First Class tickets do not qualify for eBucks Discounts.

Your eBucks never expire, so you can save them for a while. If you’d like to find out more about eBucks Travel Discounts call the contact centre: 087 320 3200.


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