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Capitec Bank Tips for Planning the Perfect Holiday

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Set out a Budget:

When planning your holiday, create a special holiday budget which will factor in transport, accommodation, spending money, insurance, visas, vaccinations and other costs that may come up. Remember to ensure that your home expenses are met first. Use this Budgeting Tool to carefully set out a budget.

Saving should already be part of your financial planning. When planning for a holiday though, you should consider different ways of saving by becoming more prudent. You can even consider changing banks to one that has lower banking fees. Use this bank costs calculator to see exactly how much you’re paying. Switching to Capitec bank can be done in 3 easy steps, while this bank offers you up to 4 extra savings plans

Think about getting a holiday loan:
Not everyone has money saved up for a holiday, so it may be beneficial for you to consider getting a holiday loan if you can afford it. Getting a loan can bring you the boost you need to get that much-needed break or once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Capitec has personal loan options including the Multi Loan or a longer term credit plan, which may be ideal for you.

Go for bargains:
Make the best of off-peak rates. Going on holiday off-peak may get you lower airfares or cheaper rates.

Plan how you will use your money:
Capitec’s Global One card can be used to draw money overseas at no extra charge for currency conversion. There are no transaction fees for card, online or multiple app purchases.

Explore local destinations:
A holiday doesn’t always have to be a fancy overseas trip. There are plenty of great local destinations that offer great holiday packages. Ask accommodation providers for discounts, especially if you’ve booked in low season.

Websites such as: can help you plan your holiday. Group-buying sites such as Groupon offer good deals for local and international accommodation.

Tourism sites such as: can be useful for finding different ways to explore the country without spending too much.


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